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The Artists

Of Art and Chaos...

Though many of our artists' works are wrapped into the actual 3D models of the bar itself, we felt it would be fun to add a gallery here so that their contributions might not be overlooked. This area will hopefully expand rather frequently and we invite you to visit back as often as you like.

Hailing from the land of the weird and home of the "wha?", ZachO has found the inexplicably large amount of time to build such a silly and overall ambitiously obnoxious websites available on the internet today, or so he likes to tell it.

Though predominantly a writer, ZachO's creative talents, thanks to his time in theater, have culminated in a barrage of abilities that tend to find best use in the entertainment industry. Screenwriter, playwright, graphic artist, 3D modeler, web designer, and overall nice-ish guy, ZachO builds sites of this nature predominately for fun, but also for showcase.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, comments, or offers of job or money, please feel free to contact Zacho at

A talented artist of many mediums, the infamously creative =^..^= has provided some of her amazing art to the cause of the Tavern. We owe her a debt of gratitude for her generosity in this matter and hope only that we may do it some credit.

A creative genious and powerhouse of imagination, Laura is a wonderful addition to both our artist department as well as our writing department. Her skills with the drawn line or the spoken word are something to aspire to and her imagination yeilds exciting content for all to enjoy.

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