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The Bar

Pazo the Bartender

The tauren stares at you for a moment, then his expression softens slightly.

"Some person man day of yester say Pazo help hordies save Crossroads from alliance baddies. Silly orc say "duty for Horde" or some such thing. "

"Pazo fight. But not for Horde. "

"When Pazo young, parents die in raid. Not of alliance, but bad to of least say. Taurog, good brother, led Pazo and little sister Leza to safe place of the Nomad style. "

"Then horde come to land. Ask Pazo and Taurog to join in fighties. Taurog off to of healer be. Pazo sign with infantry."

"Soon join of Kodo Wrestlers. Travel from camp to camp to camp with entertainment bring. Cheer of much do horde infantry."

"One day, silly horde people say Pazo head many of too much hit. No more with the wrestle. Sad day."

"Then offer of officer did, "special" operation of to take. Curious, Pazo say yes."

"Pazo no remember much of trip to other continent. Pazo remember balooner ride. Big baloon with wind in hair and smell of sea. Pazo like this."

"Later, brother Taurog tell Pazo hordies made Pazo do many bad things. Young gnomes of five villages hunt Pazo for vengance. Elven hunters stalk Pazo when abroad. Human paladins say Pazo need of be dealt with."

"Pazo try to remember of the time when worky work for Hordies. Taurog say Pazo blessed with head of broken. Now pour drinks for bar outside Horde rule."

"No more of serve the Horde."

"Pazo fight to defend crossroads from alliance people. Not for Horde, for help of old friends."

"Pazo wonder who hurt of did in past. Pazo very sorry for what done..."

A. "Moo" at the Bartender

B. "Have you ever considered grammar lessons?"

C. Ask for a Menu

D. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do here.

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