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The Bar

Leza says you have a story

"He he. Pazo have great many story," the burly bartender proclaims. "But sister speak of the Razorbacks of Razorfen Kraul. Foul creatures of boar and tusk, with most musty stinking."

"Pazo is mighty warrior, and great orc blacksmith of barrens say make armor just for Pazo. Uber brutal armor! So Pazo take shopping list from master orcman and go looking for thingies. Far and wide Pazo travel for all pieces parts. Visit nasty Undercity, and travel to warring Tarren Mill. Travel high into trees of Ashenvale where pollen make Pazo sneeze much and angry dark elves not friendly to Pazo presence."

"But last item, philostigialiey phial thingy, that item stolen from people Pazo sent to get from. Through murder and treachery, the Razorbacks had snagged most needy ingredient. Pazo no of stand for this. Razorbacks kill many brothers and sisters of Tauren people. Murders and thieves all, and most ill tempered to boot. But to steel something Pazo need? Most nasty line in ground crossed. To paraphrase something Thrall once said: 'Oh, its on now biatches!' Pazo resolve to go to Razorfen Kraul, holy place of Razorbacks, to find phial."

A. "Seriously, I can't understand what you are saying."

B. "Razorfen Kraul? What's that?"

C. "I assume you survived the attack..."

D. "What's a Razorback?"

E. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do here.

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