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Drunken Monkey Brewery

Mission Statement

The Drunken Monkey Brewery is a trade union formed to bring the greatest of brews to the humblest of locations without interference of the Horde, Alliance, or Steamwheedle Cartel.


Upon founding the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey, a pub deep in the barrens that was to be devoid of influence from the Horde or any other organized government, it was discovered that the "free trade" premise of the goblin cartels was more about extortion than actual trade. When the Steamwheedle Cartel of Ratchet and Booty Bay learned of the Tavern, they immediately sent opperatives to collect on certain "operation" fees and "protection" fees. Refusal of these fees would end in the elimination of trade with the cartels. And since the cartel is the only group on the planet outside of the horde or alliance that controls passage between the continents, it was very evident that some form of alternative arrangement would need to be made.

Hence the formation of the Drunken Monkey Brewery. A guild factioned both with the Horde and Alliance. Though what they think we do and what we really do are two completely different things. This protection of the two massive governments has "encouraged" the cartels to back off for the time being.

And so now the guild prospers, slowly but surely. The inclusion of smugglers from around the world, as well as arms dealers and storytellers has made the guild a unique and formidable trade union that can compete on some small level with the goblin cartel. Though our primary focus is self-sustanance, it has come to pass that the guild also has expanded beyond simply supplying a single tavern. Offering competitive rates to other neutral vendors, we've been able to chissel out a decent living through the import and export of rare and hard to find ales, liqours, herbal substances, illegal weapons, information, and other related trade goods.


Due to the diversity of talents our members have shown, we have seperated the guild's member casts into several ranks and categories that best place these talents to good use. More information about the specific rank structure can be found by clicking here.

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