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The Doorway

First Impressions - Welcome to the Tavern

Ah. The smell of swine and villainy. How it stings the nostrils as you step into this middle-of-nowhere dive. A light sticky crunching sound is heard with each footstep as unidentified filth is crushed beneath your boot on the soft, dry, barren dirt.

The purveyor of the establishment, a large tauren named Taurog, with matted dark fur smelling of questionable burned herbs, stands to greet you at the doorway.

In the center of the room rises the bar, crafted from one of the mighty Tauren Totems in their unending quest to compensate for something. You have a suspicion the pungent aroma filling the room is possible coming from the unkempt Tauren bartender Pazo, a mighty monolithic beast with a glazed stare and a smile that would imply all the intellect of a banana.

Beyond the bar, music, of a fashion, is heard drifting from the stage to your ears like scourge to a corpse. The unending audible pain of a Goblin Jamboree jamming away gives you the slight inkling to make a break for the door and head back into the Barren wastelands you had been aimlessly drifting through for the last several days.

A quick glance about the tavern patrons reveals that you were not the only individual to have been lost in the wastes. It looks as if several Goblin Arms smugglers and a variety of Horde deserters have populated the tables just out of your initial view. Though you can't see them yet... you can swear they are there. And what is with that sound of a screaming monkey...?

A. Chat with Taurog

B. Pull up a stool at the Bar

C. Pull up a chair near the stage

D. Find someone in the bar to chat with.

E. Run back into the Barrens with no food, no water, no weapons, and overall everything that would make that a bad idea...

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