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The Tavern of the Drunken Monkey

Deep in the Barrens...

For days you've traveled with little water and no food through an unforgiving landscape deprived of all living things, edible or otherwise. Then, one fateful night, you behold a glimmer of light in the dark distance near the mountains leading to Mulgore.

And lo, it would appear you have found the infamously unknown Tavern of the Drunken Monkey! A bar so infamously unknown, you had never even heard of it before, and that could mean something...

Ahead of you lies the Doorway to the Tavern, the warm glow of its firelight spilling out of the oddly designed structure. What do you do?

A. Step up to the Entrance

B. Run back into the Barrens with no food, no water, no weapons, and overall everything that would make that a bad idea...

Late, busy, and insane. 5/29/05

Very sorry about the lapse in "obvious" updates. Though I have added a lot about the Drunken Monkey Brewery guild, I have barely covered even an iota of what I was hoping to have uploaded this month. Things have been a little hectic though as I have just accepted a new job that will require me to move soon. So I trust people will be accepting... or pricks. Either way...

I have been slowly adding updated chat trees to the site in various places. I don't like to flat out point out where they are, so have fun searching. This week finally got one of the drink menus up, that we will be adding to greatly over the next week or so, as well as starting work on the next menu and such.

I also still need to add the new artists and writers bios that have been contributing much more content than I can keep up with. Don't be surprised if entire sections pop up without warning. Anyhooze, enjoy.


Tavern Version 1.8
Updated 5/29/05
What happened to 1.7?

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