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Leave me alone.

"Wouldn't you rather go tease the Tauren at the bar?" he sighs. "Fine then. Sit down, boy, and I'll tell ya."

"One day, I was fishing on the outskirts of Darnassus. Two hours of fishing and I was catching nothing but Mud Snappers. Disgusting creatures sent by the gods to torment us. I'm sure of it. Anyway, so my pile of Mud Snappers was getting quite large along the banks of the lake when I noticed a small Nightsaber gorging itself on those scaly malformations. "

"About the time the cat had finished devouring the pile, I caught another Snapper on my line. Obviously I had become the gods' source of amusement. Well, I tossed the foul smelling fish towards the cat and he snapped it out of mid-air. Turning the gods' amusement back on themselves, I started a game of flinging fish at the cat. He never once let one hit the ground. "

"Well, the night soon came and I packed my things to head back home. Along the trail I noticed my nightsaber friend followed me all the way home, even slept outside my door and chased away the neighbor's kids. Well, this earned my respect so I took him with me everywhere I went, especially the fishing trips. "

"Now, he's constantly by my side. I don't think I could get rid of him if I tried. Not that I'd want to, mind you. He still does an excellent job of scaring away the local ruffians. You got kids? For the sake of my sanity and simple peace and quiet, leave 'em at home, would ya?"

A. "And you named him Flatulence?"

B. Head back to the bar.

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