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Drunken Monkey Brewery Incorporated

"Quite the new guild. I'm the designated "Innkeeper" as it were. Honorary title to the one who started the whole thing. However, I'm quickly being outclassed and out talented by many of the new candidates we've got."

"Originally developed as an alternative to the Goblin Cartels in Ratchet and Booty Bay, the DMB is dedicated to providing those 'hard to get' materials and goods that certain governments tend to frown upon. Operating outside the jurisdiction of the Horde and Alliance, while still being legally protected by both, we've developed quite a team of hustlers, artists, entertainers, smugglers, arms dealers, etc. Our crafters grow better by the day and as the dynamics of the guild improve, so does the generosity it shows its members."

"I try not to tell Taurog or Pazo much of what we do, as they both tend to be very overprotective of me and naive about how a business should be run. I'd appreciate it if you kept them out of the loop on most of this stuff. Pazo is still an officer of the guild, but he was blessed with a sort of 'blissful' ignorance that prevents him from really being aware of what we do."

"If you would like to join our ranks, simply contact myself, Singinghorn, or Pazo when next on Earthen Ring, horde side. You could always mail Pazo and he can let someone who can talk to you know."

"We are currently considering expanding our efforts into alliance territories, adding dwarves, gnomes, humans and even elves. Jhaan will probably be in charge of that. You can track him down on Earthen Ring as well."

"Drunks of the world unite..."

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