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Lizzarik & Jorb

The Backside of the Black Market

And lo, there stands before you, sitting on barstools, sort of, are Lizzarik and Jorb.

Lizzarik, dressed in fine silk garments laden with rich embroidery, has his back to you as he enjoys his beverage over a conversation with the bartender. The aroma of expensive colognes and herbs rise from his body, somehow finding the power to overcome the impending odor of the room. His appearance is such for a goblin that any rogue could only dream of emulating. A heavy purse of money jingles on his belt as he takes another swig of his drink.

Jorb, on the other hand, is a typical Ogre. That is to say fat, drooling, and mostly naked. A loin cloth fashioned poorly from the furs of some unknown beast thankfully covers the areas that would cause most people to go blind at the sight of. The stench of his body odor mingles with that of the room and would make a virulent weapon of choice had it not been cut by the far more pleasant aromas of Lizzarik.

But you find yourself oddly curious as to how, in the time it took to go from the door to here, the Ogre seems to have lost well over half of its pudgy weight.

Seeing that both of these arms dealers have their backs to you, you decide to...

A. Tap Lizzarik on the shoulder to get his attention.

B. Tap Jorb on the shoulder to get his attention.

C. Pick Lizzarik's pockets.

D. Pick Jorb's pockets?

E. Pull up a stool at the bar and chat with the Bartender. He seems less busy than they are.

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