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The Bar

The "Specialties" Menu

  • 2 Chilled Murloc Brains (Fresh)
  • 1 Bottle of Ogre Bile (Very Fresh)
  • 2 Troll Mojo's (Extremely Fresh)
  • 1 Kobold Skull
Voodoo Juju Juice new
Just like ma used to make...if ma was a Troll...
Procurred by Hukari

Used in the most deadly of Troll Voodoo (and mating) rituals, the Voodoo Juju Juice has an exotic flavour and usually causes hallucinations and random shrinkage in its' drinkers. Handle with care.

Special Instructions
Take the Kobold Skull and remove those pesky Kobold brains. Mash the chilled Murloc brains until a fine paste. Pour paste in skull, and add Mojo. Begin dancing with a chicken in a slightly exotic fashion. After five minutes, ad Ogre Bile. Serve when sufficiently mixed. Have drinker sign waiver before drinking.

Unsurprisingly, this drink is extremely popular among the Troll communities. However, this has also found a home among the hearts of Forsaken men and women, who do not mind as much some of the potentially fatal consequences of consuming Ogre Bile straight.

Price: 2 Gold, plus tax...a lot of tax

  • 1 Part Vermouth
  • 3 Parts Grey Goose Vodka
  • Chunk from a Lich's Falactory
Lickity Lich
Death is but the beginning...just wait till the hangover
Procurred by Tehd

A drink so powerful it could lay a Lich out on its tucas. This Martini, thought to be a girly drink among some Ogre communities, has all the kick to it of a steroid wielding ancient Kodo with a grudge against your odor.

Special Instructions
Stir alchohols together using Falactory while casting a summoning spell. The end result should be a blue glowing liquid that will seriously change your life upon drinking...

This beverage seems to be most popular among the undead and, oddly enough, gnomish communities. Originally crafted by the great Gnomish Warlock Peeto the Infernal Machinacea, this beverage has been enjoyed by hundreds of individuals throughout Azeroth in search of the "new trendy drink."

Price: 25 Gold, 30 Copper

  • Straight liqour
Ogre Orange Ouzo
Sometimes Oranges fight back
Procurred by Leza

Taken from the imfamous Stavros brothers, Ogres of ill tempor deep in Stranglethorn Vale, this beverage has a nifty zing with bright orange highlights and a lingering musky taste. Meant to be drank on its own, this flavored liquor is more of an afternoon lush's drink than a full on drunk's delight.

Special Instructions
Don't drink around male Ogres unless you have a mating death wish. This is considered a powerful Ogre aphrodesiac.

Obviously the Ogres of Stranglethorn hold a special place in or other area, for this drink. But it has also grown in popularity among female orcs and tauren women. Trolls generally enjoy this beverage, regardless of gender, as it seems to mimic the same aphrodesiac effects for them as it does for Ogres.

Price: 25 Silver

  • 2 shots Tequila
  • 2 shots another type of Tequila
  • 2 shots cheap Tequila
  • Splash of Daquori mix
  • 6 cups of ice
Durator Daquori
The taste of Durator...if it were ice blended.
Procurred by Leza

Considered a summer time treat for Duratorian orc women and men on their ever so seldom vacations, this not so ecclectic blend of flavors frequently has little standards to it and is often mistaken for being a foo foo drink. However, it is conisdered suicidally bad form to insult a partaker of this beverage after they have had more than one.

Special Instructions
Add all ingredients into a [Whipper-Whapper 5000] and blend until frothy. Filter extra carcenogens from the Whipper-whapper, pour, and enjoy.

This drink is almost exlusively enjoyed by Orcs of all varieties, typically when relaxing in some non-violent context such as relaxing at a retreat or something. Considered an elitist beverage do to how hard it is to come by a Whipper-whapper, orcs, when they can get it, use the beverage as a sort of wealthy status symbol.

Price: 75 Silver

  • You can't afford the fee to know what goes in this one.
Ultimate Shnazzyness in every sip
Procurred by Pazo

No words have ever been crafted that would properly describe how this drink tastes. This ancient recipe was provided by the Pandaren Brewmasters during Pazo's earlier tutilage with them. Many murlocs died to bring you this beverage...

Special Instructions
You order it, we give it to you.

Just drink it, you won't regret it.

Price: Requires a credit check

  • 2 shots of Willow Whisker Whiskey in seperate glasses
  • 1 giant clam meat
  • Pinch of salt
Seaside Sammy
The only good thing a kobold ever came up with.
Procurred by Renikee

The saltiest whiskey ever crafted by any living creature just got saltier. Willow Whisker Whiskey is a potent spirit ganked from the only reasonable Kobold on the planet, Sammy Willow Whisker. Located near Newman's Point in Dun Morough, Sammy has mastered this powerful whiskey using only the finest ingredients he could find, which is then bottled right on location. The Drunken Monkey Brewery is proud to offer this rare treat in its menu.

Special Instructions
Take a shot. Eat the clam. Take another shot. Lick the salt off the bottom of the clam shell. Frequently follow up by shouting "Rakanishu!"

Goblins everywhere have acquired a taste for this beverage. From the Eastern Kingdoms to Kalimdor, this beverage is favored among kobolds, goblins, and any other race that enjoys the taste of near lethal quantities of salt.

Price: 1 Gold, 5 Copper

  • 1 half pint cherry rum
  • 1 Orange worth of pure extract
  • 1 tablespoon of mightfish blood
Mug of Orange Dragon
The power of a dragon, in a tasty drinkable form. Yum!
Procurred by Ellina

Add orange extract to blood. Mix until blended. Shake into the Cherry rum, then add ice as needed.

Special Instructions
Do not feed to gnomes. May result in death, pain, vomiting, painful death, death by vomitting, painful vomitting, and painful death by vomitting. Do not drink more than one mug.

Undead LOVE this one.

Price: 1 Gold

A. Ask for a Menu

B. "So what's your story?"

C. "Moo" at the Bartender

D. Order some Chicken Wings

E. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do here.

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