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Rank Structure

Guild Ranks

Below is a loose description of the ranks and duties of the positions in the Drunken Monkey Brewery, Inc.

Guild Masters

Those to complain to...
  Innkeeper Leza (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
Jhaan (Alliance Side, Earthen Ring)

Backup Guild Masters

All the power, none of the pizzazz
  Pintlord Taurog (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
Zooti (Alliance Side, Earthen Ring)

Prestige Classes

They do the voodoo that they do so well...
Who said hops aren't weapons?
Pazo (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
  Rum Runner
Getting from point A to point B always sounds so simple...
Singinghorn (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
  Keepers of Lore
Legends are made in the telling.
Idnawa (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
  Arms Dealer
Champions of the Black Market
Tehd (Horde Side, Earthen Ring)
"That's not a knife, now this is a knife..."
"Demonlord invading? Nah, time for our break..."

General Members

Welcome! Here is your tabard. Now shut up and do as we say...
"What? No, we just have the same wallet. I swear..."


Everyone has to start somewhere.
  Cage Dancer
Well...It can only get better...can't it?

Detailed Descriptions


Master of the Guild and keeper of affairs, breaker of voting ties and doer of "stuff"(TM) the Innkeeper is responsible for any and all duties that don't fall into any of the following categories, and even then is responsible for some of the duties that the other guild members might not have either the time, the energy, or the where withal to do.


To become Innkeeper, a unanimous vote of the ruling Lords must be made. This typically will happen only if the Innkeeper is found to be unsuited for his/her tasks or a more suitable candidate can be found to do the job better.


Lord of all brews, this rank is bestowed to the officers of the guild. He/she is responsible for standards and practices of the other divisions and can promote promising individuals, set events, and carry out disciplinary action as needed. The Brewmasters act as a council, ruling over the guild as a sort of minor "senate."


To become a Master of Brews, one must have the approval of the other masters and the Innkeeper. It is possible to bypass the ruling council by acquiring votes from 1/3rd of the guild members. This must be done via in-game mail so as to assure identity, and petitions are to be sent to the Innkeeper.

  • Beverages of your design become available at the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey
  • Ability to recruit guild members

Master of cog and sprocket, anvil and hammer, leather and string, these legends are the construction backbone of the guild. Crafting everything from weapons to trade goods, these masters of their crafts construct works of greatness that make the guild what it is today.


To become a TinkerLord, one must petition the Brewmasters or Innkeeper to be given a construction task. The specialization of the crafter will determine the necessary item(s) to be crafted.

  • The Resources of the Guild are bent to your crafting aid...
  • Ability to recruit guild members

Only the greatest smugglers ever reach this title. Transporting goods through endangered lands, acquiring the rare materials necessary for labors of the guild. Without the Rum Runners, the brewmasters, tinkerlords, arms dealers, and all other ranks would fall by the wayside. These are the legends of couriers.


To become a Rum Runner, one must petition the Brewmasters or Innkeeper to be given a particular acquisition task. This task varies from candidate to candidate, and is not an easy one. Frequently this will take you through enemy territories, and even more so will expose you to PVP flagging and random critter agro. Ain't it just great?

  • You get to be in charge of finding nearly every "hard to find" item in the lands. Kudos.
  • Ability to recruit guild members
Keeper of Legends

Bards, minstrels, storytellers, artists, singers, etc. In every form and splendor does the artistry of tales, heraldry, and legends travel from town to town, carried on the wind and along the sea by the Keepers of Legend. Through them, entertainment and history are kept alive for all to see and hear.


To become a Keeper of Legend, one must petition the Brewmasters or Innkeeper to be given a particular story telling task. Masters of written language, spoken tales, melodious songs or skillful artists are all welcome to portray a tale of a particular category, given at time of trial. This tale, if successful, shall be displayed within the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey.

  • Your stories are told within the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey
  • Ability to recruit guild members
Arms Dealer

There are legends in war, and there are legends in commerce. The Arms Dealers of the DMB are considered some of the greatest Black Market legends in history. Or at least, known to us as such...


To become a Keeper of Legend, one must petition the Brewmasters or Innkeeper to be given a particular commercial transaction to achieve. Frequently this will be the giving of a particular item made by a Tinkerlord and then traded for a minimum amount of money by any means necessary.

  • Trust me when I say you will make bank...
  • Ability to recruit guild members

No guild would be complete without gatherers and general laborers. The Teamsters are the embodiment of generalization, and through their iconic display of indifference, achieve a level of unionized respect their contract says we must give them.


To become a Teamster, one must petition the Brewmasters or Innkeeper to be given a particular gathering task. Frequently this will be to benefit a Tinkerlord in their craft or an Arms Dealer in the their selling. Or it might be some shiny object someone higher on the totem pole wants. Welcome to the union.

  • Everyone bows to the Teamsters, after all, they gather all the stuff everyone else needs.
  • Ability to recruit guild members

Something should be said for the fact that the basic member of our guild is a conniving, sneaky, underhanded scoundrel that would be played by Harrison Ford in any film adaptation...
(just imagine Harrison Ford playing a Tauren Female smuggler with a Wendigo sidekick...)


To get promoted to a full member of the guild, one must first prove themselves worthy and shnazzy enough to be fit for membership validation and what not. We decide what is shnazy...

  • Bueno for you, you get a Guild Tabard.
  • No one teases you anymore for cage dancing.
Cage Dancer

Everyone has to start somewhere. And for everyone in the DMB, humiliation and n00biness go hand in hand. Welcome to the guild, now get in the cage and start dancing!


Want into the guild? Be inventive and find a way to ask us in a fashion in which we will want to have you in the guild. You'd be surprised how easy it is...

  • You get our amazing company...
  • You also get really good at the "sexy dance"
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