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The Staff

Those Responsible Parties

Stocked with a virtual plethora of talented and effective icons for staff workers, the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey is dedicated to the belligerent enjoyment of our customers ...often times at their expense. Our highly-ish trained staff of workers is at your disposal, ready to make your every dream come true... or get you drunk enough that you think it came true.

For now the Tavern is still under construction, and we are working 24 hours nonconsecutive to bring you the most advanced rural pub in all of the Barrens. Below is a list of our talented staff.

Taurog Founder
Pazo Bartender
Plog Cage Dancer
Tehd Chef

Though our staff is far more extensive than the few listed here, the other members of the team are talking their sweet time turning in their bios and information, as most of them can neither read nor write.

But beyond day-to-day contributions of our staff, we also draw upon outside contractors to fulfil certain "extra" features of the bar, such as decorations and such. Below is a list of some of our more esteemed contributors.

ZachO Founder, Writer, Architect, Artist, etc.
JohnM Writer (Jhaan)
=^..^= Artist
WhatJJS Architects

Despite the short nature of this list, it will be growing dramatically as we get our latest artistic contributions pushed live over the next several weeks.

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