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The Stage

Behold...the stage...

With a squishy thump your rump comes to rest in what passes for a wooden chair. You sit back and let your sore muscles relax a little bit as you take in the view.

Carved into the mountainside with all the precision of a Trogg miner lies the stage. This achievement of miniscule proportions is dwarfed in failure only by the horribly untalented and greatly innebriated Spirit Guide attempting what she believes is stand up comedy. The Goblin Jamboree appears to be out of sight, but they make their presence known through the montage of horrific sounds that some would describe as several thousand cats being tortured all at once. Saddly, the attrocious sounds are not enough to drown out the stand up of the very drunk etherial being.

Glancing around, you see a makeshift "cage," poorly constructed and deployed like a goblin component sitting in the corner next to the stage. Within dances the stylish and sexy orc Plog, who moves in ways that would make an invertebrate onlooker cringe and gasp. And in sharp contrast to the otherwise uninteresting Smooti, Plog seems to have developed a sense of rhythm that nearly brings tears to your eyes.

To the right of the stage is a bizarre, iron clad door built right into the rockface, guarded by a single dwarf who looks fairly intoxicated.

Your infatuated stare is interrupted by the grunting sounds of a perturbed little goblin wench standing before you. She taps her foot waiting for you to order something. You decide to...

A. Take a seat closer to the stage so you can hear the comedy bit.

B. Walk up to the cage dancer.

C. Talk to the Waitress/wench.

D. Go check out that backdoor.

E. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do here.

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