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The Journal of Tato

Tato BlackHorn ~ Day 1

Today I started my training as a druid and as a "soldier" for the Horde. I didn't say anything but I wasn’t a patriot. All that mattered to me were my family and friends.

As I approached the first task giver I was greeted by a new soldier as well. She was nice but I didn’t talk long. I wanted to feel animal blood on my fur. I know that sounds savage and barbaric for a Tauren such as me but I had a hard life growing up. My family was always on the move in the dangerous Barrens. I was taught how to fight as a young child and by the time I was 10 (human years) I could easily defend my family against the centaur with my dad. Around the time I was 15 I met a female that lived in mulgore and was traveling with some friends. At first I was able to talk to her very well, but as I figured out that I liked her a whole lot it became harder. She is the reason im a druid. Her family had taken up that position while mine were warriors. She moved to a distant land I haven’t seen her since, but I will. Her name is Hayla

That brings me back to the task giver. I received a staff and my apprentice’s robes a few days earlier and I was anxious to put them to use. The task giver wanted me to collect some feathers from the plainstriders for ceremony purposes as well as plainstrider meat. I was finally able to fight.

As I left the small village I came upon the first of my unlucky prey. It was a quick fight and after I searched its carcass and got the stuff off of it I left its broken and bloody body behind. After a short time I was able to find the supplies I needed and the cougars got a nice dinner...well what ever was left when I was done. I ran back to the task Giver and gave him my items. In reward I got a Nomadic Belt. He then gave me another task. This time to collect hides for tent and armor making. This task was going to be slightly harder because the cougars of mulgore were born fighters, yet they only attacked if confronted.

I set out to the south of the village and came upon a cougar. It was a good thing for the cougar the he was going to die on a beautiful night instead of a hot summer afternoon where his body would rot very fast. I brought my staff down on its head and was rewarded with a THUD. The beast immediately dug its claws into my skin and started biting me. I ripped him off and ended his life with the Wrath Spell. I retrieved the hide the task giver let me use and went on bloody butchering of cougars. After I had found all 10 of the furs I thanked the Earthmother that she let me live and I said a prayer for the animals I had slain. Again I ran back to the village and received my reward, this time a Nomadic Belt.

The taskgiver then surprised me. The local Druid Trainer wanted to see me! ME of all Tau. I was really excited. I immediately went to him to see when he had to say. HE told me what being a Druid was all about and taught me a new spell. Renew,

At the moment after I learn the new spell a guard comes rushing in. out of breath he begin to relate what happened to the stunned on-lookers.

"They rushed me!" he exclaimed. "I could have taken them but they all came at once! And out of no where. Instead of fighting came back here after I lost them to warn the village."

"What are you talking about?" and older Tau asked from the crowd. "Who rushed you? Tell us now."

"The Bristle backs!"

When that was said a gasp was heard from the crowd. No one had expected the Bristle backs to recover this soon. The last scrim with them left them broken and unorganized. It now seemed that was not true anymore. A few of the Tau are asked to go. I was one of them. A few went in groups and some went solo. I stayed back a few minutes to get my Staff repaired and sell a few items.

It had been 15 minutes since the last group went out before I left. Alone. The only thing that was on my mind was Hayla. I was thinking of where she was and what she was doing. Whether or not she remembered me and if she had found someone. The thought of another holding her and enjoying her warmth and compassion made my blood boil. I charged at full speed into the Ravine where the bristleback Encampment was. I felt no emotion except blind rage as I engaged 2 Bristles at the same time. Their bodies were beyond the point of recognition as I finished with them. The girl was still on my mind, only this time a male had his hand around her waist. What I thought impossible became reality. My rage grew more. The Boars were going to pay for being alive, but mostly for being in my way.


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