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The Journal of Tato

Tato BlackHorn ~ Day 2

Today I was assigned to complete the Rites of the EarthMother. The first was strength. To do that I was to go back into the Bristleback Encampment and kill 12 of them and bring back the belts. Not an easy task considering I was probably not very liked there anymore. However I was eager to go adventuring past the hills of Mulgore. I went back to the camp and got my stuff repaired and set out on the short run to the ravine where the pigs lived.

When I fought my way threw the battle boar “sentries” I arrived at the entrance to the Ravine. The area was still covered in blood of both Tau and Boar from the Scrim last night. I walked cautiously threw the entrance and was met by a Boar who I immediately engaged. Beating him down, healing myself, and grabbing his belt I went farther in. I soon was attacked by two boars at the same time. I focused on one at a time like I was taught in the barrens. I was rewarded with two more belts. Within an hour I had 10 belts and was fairly deep in the Ravine. I went for my second to last kill and started to engage him when two others showed up and killed me. As the last breathe came out of my lungs and the blood flowed from my mouth Hayla’s face came in to my head and I had failed.

I awoke…or at least I thought I was awake. I mean how could I have died and still be awake. I looked around and noticed a huge being in front of me. She had Wings and what looked like feathers…or Cloth. I don’t know but she was very beautiful. She said some things I found as a surprise. She told me it wasn’t my time! She told me to find my corpse and concentrate on something from when I was alive and it would bring me back. I told her she was crazy and I was dreaming. She hit me.

"OW!" I said. "Fine ill go get my body." I still thought she was crazy. Or maybe I was...I don't know. I went off in search of my body.

I found it where i...for lack of a better word…”left” it. I concentrated really hard on breathing air. Almost worked. Then I concentrated on eating food. Closer. In an act of desperation I thought of the only girl I ever think of. Hayla. I came back! Unfortunately it was by some bristles. I was attacked when I only had half of my health. I managed to fight off my assailant and steal his belt. One more. I found another not too far from where I died and was able to get my last belt. Now the hard part.

I fought my way through the ravine back to the entrance and almost died…again. Not wanting to go back to the ghostly Spirit Guider I was able to survive and make it back to Camp Narache and gave them to Chief. I was rewarded with a new staff.

"Tato" he said to me. "You have proven yourself to me and I wish to send you to BloodHoof Village where you will continue the Rites of the EarthMother."

Overjoyed I thanked him and accepted the totem he gave to me. I jogged in a steady pace to BloodHoof, only stopping to kill some wolves and the occasional Plainstrider. These beasts were a lot stronger than the ones I had faced outside of Camp Narache.

Upon arrival I made my way to Zarlman Two-Moons. I gave him my totem and he read it.

He told me that for the second Rite, the one of Vision, I need to gather two ambercorns and two wellstones. Easy I thought. I was hoping for something easy to do. I was told that ambercorns can be found on the ground next to groups of trees and that the stones can be found near wells, as the name implies.

I went off in search of the ambercorns because I had no idea where the wells were. I spotted a corn near a clump of trees and went to gather it when I was immediately attacked by a wolf. It was significantly tougher than me and I barely beat it off. I gathered the stupid ambercorn and got away from the area quickly before I was attacked before I had recovered fully. Swimming across StoneBull Lake I came upon another ambercorn. This one however was near a group of Venture Co. The Rapists of the Earth. I made a promise than when I get just a bit stronger I was going to forget my semi peaceful ways of a druid and ravage their camp. But my main priority was to get that ambercorn. I decided to go for the one near a troll. Needless to say that was a bad idea. It chased me into the middle of Stonebull!. So I looked for another one.

I stumbled upon a well! Oh great I thought. Ill gather my two stones real wuick and find my last ambercorn. Upon further inspection it seems as if the Venture Co. has found the well too. I had no choice but to attack the nearest, a goblin. Killing him and taking his money I was able to pick up a stone and put it into my pack before being attacked by an ogre. I hate them. Killing him I got another stone, but only after killing a dwarf.

Upon leaving the well area I found an ambercorn. But the EarthMOther seemed mad at me because it was guarded by at least 8 swoops and 10 wolves and 5 cougars. OK maybe not that much, more like half of that…FINE it was 1 swoop and 2 wolves and 3 cougars. I killed them and got my last ambercorn! I ran at full speed with 1 swoop behind me to BloodHoof where I gave the ingredients to Zarlman who made a drink that I was to drink and the spirit I would see would lead me to…somewhere.

I drank the stuff and kinda felt dizzy and groggy. That feeling soon left as I saw a wolf. Getting ready to attack I noticed that I was seethrough! In my current state it was very amusing. I started running away from me. I followed.

Dodging wolves and cougars I came to an elderly Tau who told me about the Red Rocks and a spirit I was supposed to talk to there. I said id go and then I fell asleep.


A. Turn to Day 1.

B. Head back to the doorway and see what else there is to do here.

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