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"Huh? Oh... yeah," Taurog chuckles. "I went up to Moonglade to check in with the Druid circle. Cenarian is a sick freaking diety I tell you. They promise me a "water form" if I find some trinket for them that everyone in Moonglade seems to know where it is, and yet I'm the dillhole dumb enough to go get it. Turns out it is some trinket or whatever, lying on the bottom of the ocean, that no one felt important enough to go get themselves."

"So the water form they promise to teach me turns out to be a freaking Manitee. A sea cow! A bloody sea cow! Ha ha. Yes, I'm a freaking Tauren. Yes, cows look somewhat like us. Earthmother help me, but I was just three huffs shy of womping on Cenarious himself when I found this out."

"Honestly, Cenarious must be a drunk like me, with druids being the joke of his existance. He probably sits out there in Moonglade, snickering to himself thinking 'these druids keep pestering me, so what can I do to have a good gag at their expense. Oh, I know, I'll tell them I'll let them become a sea animal, and they'll be so giddy and stupid that they will do anything for it. Hmm. What am I missing? Oh, I know, some stupid trinket that everyone knows about but never go to get. I'll send them after that. Yeah. Make them run around and get it. Then as the final kicker, I'll turn them into...get this... a SEA COW! And they will like it even! HAHAHA!!'"

"I managed to go for five years without talking to those idiots up in Moonglade. And for good reason. Now I give them the benefit of the doubt and this happens. Those slimey little tree hugging smurf loving hippies."

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get pissed now."

A. Head back to the entrance.

B. Head over to the tables.

C. Head over to the stage.

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