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The Twilight's Hammer
Twilight's Hammer
Introduction Orgins Modern Twilight's Windstones of Silithus

Last Updated 10/23/06


The Twilight's Hammer Clan was once one of the most feared and powerful collection of Ogres and Ogre-magi enlisted by the invading forces of the Horde. Lead by the Ogre-magi Cho'gall, this clan claimed that they would be the harbingers of the apocalypse. There have been more than one occasion where this was almost true.

Cho'gall was a great mage who had been the chief apprentice of Gul'dan, master warlock of the Horde under the command of Orgrim Doomhammer. His loyalties and the loyalty of his clan always fell to Gul'dan rather than the "limited" goals of the Horde. When Gul'dan chose to lead his own clan over the vast sea to the island that held the Tomb of Sargeras, Cho'gall proudly had his clan follow.

And so the clan of warlocks and mages fought to the death at the very doorway to the Tomb of Sargeras, holding off the forces loyal to Doomhammer. Cho'gall himself was slain in the doorway to the tomb while trying to buy Gul'dan more time to locate the skull of Sargeras. What few Twilights that survived fled the isle and headed west to the lands of Kalimdor.

As the remnants of the Twilights began to rebuild in Kalimdor, they sought out other evils that could meet their goals. Old gods and evil elementals were easy to contact in this ancient land, and they struggled to find the greatest of these evils to aid them in the apocalypse. With so few numbers, their clan dissolved and from the ashes came a doomsday cult that the people of the world at large have come to know and fear. The Twilight Cultists have spread their influence across Kalimdor, incorporating members from all races, regardless of Horde, Alliance, or other affiliations. They have even enlisted the fallen elves of the Naga, Satyrs, and Blood Elves. While most of their plans remain in secret, masked by cryptic codes and hidden messages, their plans have not changed. They still desire the coming of the apocalypse. But now, rather than the simple motivations of a demon blood fueled Ogre clan, this has become the fanatical drive of a religion.

Twilight Cultists are found in varying strength across Kalimdor in places of great power and evil. Darkshore has become infested with these Twilights around the burial site of a titan. The Blackfathom Depths have become host to a slew of Twilights trying to empower an ancient water lord of the Abyssal Council. Emissaries of the Cult have been dispatched to Blackrock Depths to investigate the power and prestige of Ragnaros and his kin.

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