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The Twilight's Hammer
Twilight's Hammer
Introduction Orgins Modern Twilight's Windstones of Silithus

Last Updated 10/23/06

The Cult Today

Twilight Cultists are found in varying strength across Kalimdor in places of great power and evil. Darkshore has become infested with these Twilights around the burial site of a titan. The Blackfathom Depths have become host to a slew of Twilights trying to empower an ancient water lord of the Abyssal Council. Emissaries of the Cult have been dispatched to Blackrock Depths to investigate the power and prestige of Ragnaros and his kin.

Blackfathom Depths

Long ago, this temple of Elune was filled with Night Elves deep in worship of their moon goddess. Then one day, from the depths of the earth, came Aku'mai, servant of the Old Gods. The corruption filled the ruins and decimated the Night Elves who lived within. With Aku'mai came a taint to the moonwell, warping its power to a thing of evil and corruption.


Recently, the Twilight's Hammer cultists have come to this sacred temple in their continued effort to awaken the power of the Old Gods. Allying themselves with the local Naga they were able to take the temple by force and hold it against any opposition that might chance upon them. There they began to perform sacrifices to the powerful Aku'mai contained deep within the temple. With the Naga's aid, they began harvesting the crystals within the entrance of the temple, drawing upon the deep elemental power held within.

The Argent Dawn
Even the forces of the Argent Dawn have deemed it necessary to investigate the latest activities of this Cult and their interest in Blackfathom Deeps. Though their numbers are spread thin fighting the Scourge, they still were able to dispatch a scout to the ancient Temple of the Moon to discover the origins of the Twilight and Naga alliance. The scout has not been heard from since...

Blackrock Depths

The knowledge that the Dark Iron dwarves awoke something in the depths of Blackrock is no mystery. But not all know of the true origins of this ancient evil. The Twilight's Hammer, however, understands all too clearly that beneath the ancient city of the Dark Iron dwarves lay Ragnaros, Lieutenant of the Old Gods, master of flame. With the Dark Iron Dwarves now either in his sway or enslaved by his minions, the Twilight have begun sending emissaries to Blackrock Mountain to provide assistance and ascertain the true power of Ragnaros.

The Abyssal Council

Flavor Fight

But none can argue that the strongest collection of Twilight Cultists can be found in Silithus. There, where even the sands are rich with the seething power of the Old God C'thun, the cultists spend their time communing with the dark forces of the elemental Abyssal Council. This collection of destructive elementals command the authority of the Cultists and have them do their bidding regularly. With the proximity to Ahn'Qiraj and the final resting place of Thunderaan the Windseeker, the power that these cultists can draw upon to serve their masters is almost unlimited.

From their camps, the Twilight Cultists consult the Abyssal Council through a series of Wind Stones. Anyone who approaches one of these stones without the attire of one of the cultists will quickly find themselves struck down by the elemental fury of the creatures within. The windstones function as a doorway between our world and the world of the Abyssal Council.

Cenarion Circle
The Cenarion Circle has deemed the Twilight Cultists to be such a threat to the good of nature and the world at large that they will gladly award and herald those champions who assist them in the fight against these cultists and their council. The forces of Cenarion Hold will provide what aid they can based on the accomplishments of the particular hero. An array of arms and armaments, plans and recipes for powerful items, and other useful gear can be found for sale to those champions liked by the Cenarion Circle.

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