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The Wait Staff

Once a proud Druid of the Horde, Taurog became disenchanted with the war-like ways of the Orcish leaders and decided to set out on his own. Together with his brother Pazo and a handful of trusty rejects, he was able to found the Tavern of the Drunken Monkey, deep in the wastes of the Barrens. Here, people of all races could come and get just as belligerent as Taurog himself, for the powerful Druid had taken upon himself to use his knowledge of nature to concoct some of the most potent spirits outside of the Ironforge area. Turning his back on the teachings of his Druid mentors, Taurog has turned to a quite life of sitting on the sidelines, armed with a distillery, and promoting peace through potions...

Born of less than a simple mind, Pazo has shown an incredible knack for developing complex beverages that are capable of making even a dwarf go blind at the taste.

Due to the large gap in his mental capacities due to several large blows to the head during a Kodo wrestling match, Pazo has proven himself as the prime "Customer Relations" person for the Tavern. The blank stare and glazed look in his eyes are prized by his brother Taurog as indispensable assets.

Hunter, skinner, leatherworker, arms dealer, law enforcer, wilderness defender, and world renowned cage dancer, Plog has traveled from the far city of ... she never actually told us... to earn wealth and explore her joy of dancing.

Tehd has been the chef for the Tavern ever since Taurog agreed to the Affirmative Action clauses put forth by the local Warchief. Though the Affirmative Action clauses appear to only deal with the area in which the Tavern is located, Taurog has always suspected Tehd of some form of underhanded bribing. But since Tehd also pays handsomely for his job, Taurog has chosen to ignore the fact that his chef has no tongue nor ability to taste food or suffer the poisonous effects of raw meats.

Tehd, with his Warlock abilities, frequently will employ demons to fill in positions for the Tavern. But his real skills are in his hustling and loan sharking abilities. Known to most people in the area as an international arms dealer, Tehd specializes in the acquisition and relocation of misplaced goods, using his contacts made by schmoozing with the patrons of the bar to set up a powerful network of multi-racial smugglers and enforcers. His culinary talents are nonexistent though, and few regular patrons ever dare challenge their stamina by trying one of Tehd's "chicken wings."

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