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The Writers

Note from the Editor

Writing creative content for websites, stories, or anything for that matter can be both a tiring and difficult task. Especially when all of the information being written into text is spawned in the writer's own head. Though currently our beloved website has but one writer for EVERYTHING, we do hope that in the near future other creative talents would like to step forward and offer their services, joining in the cause of the Tavern.

Hailing from the land of the weird and home of the "wha?", ZachO has found the inexplicably large amount of time to build such a silly and overall ambitiously obnoxious websites available on the internet today, or so he likes to tell it.

Though predominantly a writer, ZachO's creative talents, thanks to his time in theater, have culminated in a barrage of abilities that tend to find best use in the entertainment industry. Screenwriter, playwright, graphic artist, 3D modeler, web designer, and overall nice-ish guy, ZachO builds sites of this nature predominately for fun, but also for showcase.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, comments, or offers of job or money, please feel free to contact Zacho at

  • Taurog
  • Pazo
  • Leza
  • Tehd
  • Lizzarik
  • Jorb
  • Plog
  • Renikee

Despite all his rage and still trapped in the cubicles of Corporate America, JohnM desperately seeks escape into the worlds of his imagination. Whatever time is not spent at the daily lobotomy at the office, his time is spent composing the next Great American Novel or exploring the realms of Azeroth searching for inspiration.

With a background in Engineering and none what-so-ever in English, JohnM simply relies on simple observation of human nature and the drivel that Hollywood spits out for the hope and dreams of publication. After all, if a hack like Lucas can make it big, anyone can.


Chief janitor and part time PHP programmer (though mostly janitor), What? has shown time and again his excellence with toilet cleaning and stain removal (this is not a metaphor, he is really good at getting stains out of carpets).

We here at the Tavern would like to extend a heart felt "thankye" to What? for doing such a remarkable job assisting us in maintaining our Tavern's backside in ways no programmer could.

Oh...and he writes stuff for characters too.


Pending this ingenious writer's bio...


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